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Love While You May

A song cycle for soprano and trombone

Love While You May sets text from Sara Teasdale’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning poetry collection Love Songs (public domain; N.Y., MacMillan, 1917). The song cycle portrays the all-too-common story of the journey to heartbreak: we look for love, we find love, everything comes apart and we feel broken. Written for soprano and trombone, the uncommon instrumentation makes sense in the historical context of the trombone which, from its earliest days, was prized for its ability to blend with voices.

Purchase is for one .pdf file which includes:
1. Be For Me (score)
2. Wild Joy (score, part)
3. Let Down (score)
4. Broken (score)
5. Never Fear (score, part)

Soprano sings from score. Trombone plays from score or parts.

Duration: ~ 15 minutes

October 2014, Lois Perkins Chapel,
Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas
Eileen Meyer, trombone
Dana Zenobi, soprano

Commissioned by Eileen Meyer.